May-June hours: Monday-Saturday 9-7, Sunday 12-5

Petting Zoo Friends

Welcome! Whether you've been able to visit our barnyard friends, or have yet to meet them, we would love you to get to know our little pals.

Please Note ** Due to covid restrictions, our petting zoo will be closed this year.  During the corn maze and mini golf season, you will still be able to see the animals from the fence.



Meet Messy!  Messy is the youngest of his brothers, and will be one of the first goats to approach you when you visit our petting zoo.  This little guy has a ton of spunk.  You can often find him climbing the picnic tables, or playing with his other goat friends.



Meet Beckham! Beckham is one of the easiest goats to identify in our petting zoo.  He is the only goat we currently have with tan markings.  Beckham is loads of fun here at our zoo.  He is named after the famous soccer player!  Beckham is always ready to play, unless food is brought into the picture.  Beckham is usually the first in line when food is brought out.



This is Shadow! Shadow is the most timid of our goat gang, but he is also the oldest.  We've been able to work with Shadow since he got here, and is doing much better around people, especially when food is involved.



Gus is our other white goat with black markings.  He is best friends with Messy!  Often people will ask us how to tell them apart, so we will let you in on a little secret! Gus has 1 white ear, and Messy has 2 black ears.  There you know our secret! So next time you come to the zoo you can 'WOW' us with this clever way to tell them apart.



Maui is the newest member to the goat gang, and the first female goat in the zoo.  She was named Maui because if you look close, you can see Maui's fish hook on her left side (Disney's Moana).  



Pua was the very first Kunekune pig at the zoo.  Kunekune pigs have long hair, which sets them apart from other pigs.  Pua was also named after the Disney movie Moana, as Pua in the movie was Moana's trusty pig side-kick.  Did you know that Kunekune pigs can weigh up to 230 pounds!  Pua is probably half of that weight right now.



Wilbur is one of the newest additions to the petting zoo.  He is also a Kunekune pig.  He is currently 2 years old, and has the same parents as Pua, but is from a different litter of piglets.